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socially conscious software


building software we want to use, communities we want to participate in

Prevailing online monetization strategies run counter to what people want. The industry is rife with advertising and the collection and sale of user data. Publicly traded companies in particular, driven by profit above all else, must strive to squeeze every penny they can out of customers to keep quarterly profits on the rise lest those running the company be ousted by board members and investors. The result is an internet with every free bit of space plastered with ads. An internet that feels like it’s stalking you from site to site.

What if we built something better? Something motivated not by greed, but by a will to create something of genuine benefit to all parties involved. We strive to build platforms that give as much to our customers as they give to us. No hidden costs. No advertising. The kinds of software and platforms that we want to participate in ourselves.


guiding principles

shared success

Our services create a symbiotic relationship with our customers, giving back to content contributors so we succeed together. Our platforms couldn’t exist without our customers, so we share economic success with them.

No selling user data

Organizations know customers don’t want their data sold to third parties, but they do it anyway to chase endless growth demanded by investors, or to compensate for fundamental flaws in their business plan. We don’t sell customer data to third parties.

Responsible growth

Rather than chase endless growth at the expense of our customers we believe in allowing naturally paced expansion that can be supported by a fair economic model; this also means private ownership to prevent the corrupting influence that comes with being a publicly traded company.


Unsustainable operating costs result in decisions that run counter to the best interests of customers and employees; these costs come in the form of time, money, emotional wellbeing, and worst of all: sacrificing principles. Responsible growth means sustainable operating costs, resulting in happy employees, happy customers and honored principles.

No advertising

Advertising rarely benefits a service’s users. The prevalence of ad blockers demonstrates that ads put a company at odds with their customers. Ad networks are also a vector for malware distribution and user tracking. Our services are 100% ad-free.

Transparent costs

What does the average social media service cost? They aren’t free, but it’s difficult to say what price we’re paying to use them. We give attention and mental energy to ads (or to avoiding them). We give our data; our privacy. The services we offer share the costs up-front, and we don’t ask for any payment that we aren’t willing to make ourselves.