Acuitus Digital Tutor

acuitus digital tutor


  • Distills the knowledge of top experts in the field into a personal, one-on-one tutoring experience

  • Observes and responds to student actions in real time

  • Provides real-world problem solving experience

  • Fosters deep conceptual understanding instead of shallow memorization

  • Highly scalable


Acuitus has followed the progress of their alumni for the last ten years, providing a wealth of data on the impact of our program. In-depth side-by-side evaluations with traditional teaching methodologies have also been performed.

Publicly available research includes:


Acuitus’ digital tutor has provided a life-changing impact for over 900 students.

People who believed they were incapable of working in highly skilled jobs have been brought to levels exceeding the industry average, and in a fraction of the time you would expect from traditional programs.

Veterans whose experience in the military didn’t transfer well to the commercial sector were given the skills needed to get high paying careers.

Students taught by the system have gained skills and confidence far beyond anything they previously thought themselves capable of.

For more information, see the Acuitus website.